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Background & Legal Registration

In 2004 when the Metropolitan University of Law & Social Sciences (MULSS) was established in Lahore under three partners, SEPLA (Spreading Education & Promoting Legal Awareness) was founded under it as an unregistered community cause.  Both words MULSS and SEPLA were coined by one of the Partners, Mrs. Ammara Farooq Malik, who was a seasoned academic lawyer and educational entrepreneur at that time.

In 2007, due to some personal reasons, MULSS had to be wound up but its community platform SEPLA was reinvented by Mrs. Ammara Malik to become the community platform SEPLAA (Seeds of Education, Policy & Legal Awareness Association) that started to work in the areas of education, empowerment and environment.


Meanwhile, in 2010, the NGO platform called the SEPLAA Foundation was registered as a separate entity. The words ‘Seeds of Education, Policy & Legal Awareness Association’ were dropped during the registration process of the NGO.

Eventually in 2016, the social enterprise business entity Seplaa Enterprises was registered with FBR which has two social enterprise projects ICx Seplaa and Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club.