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Success Stories

OBS at Seplaa Hub Incubator

Meet the OBS Team!

Meet the Professional Team behind OBS! Karachi-Lahore-Islamabad We are super excited to announce the completion of the 4 Months’ Business Incubation cohort of Optimus Biztech Solutions!. This May-August 2023 cohort included intense global business incubation sessions, executive trainings, trainings on impact entrepreneurship , website development,… Read More »Meet the OBS Team!

Seplaa Hub Incubator, OBS Success

Business Incubation Milestone: OBS website Launched!

OBS Website Launched: Business Incubation Milestone Lahore-Karachi-Islamabad We are so excited that the Seplaa Hub Business Incubator incubatees Mr. Jawad Amjad, Mr. Abdullah Farooq, Mr. Jaward Afzal, M. Irfana Yasser and Mr. Zafar ul Haq Munshi are making strides with their business development of OBS… Read More »Business Incubation Milestone: OBS website Launched!