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Client Testimonials

New Business Incubations Post Covid-19:

In 2020, we met Ambreen Paul Hamza, a vibrant teacher who wanted to leave her steady job in the education sector to become a business owner. The pandemic proved the best time for her to take one on one online incubation support , mentorship and legal guidance from Ammara Farooq Malik.  

Ambreen proved that there is no fixed age to start a business and if you have the will to succeed you can build a business any time! 

Seplaa Enterprises and Hub were able to create Ambreen’s business plans, financial statements, MVP, website and a marketing plan , all in a lean startup model. Later we also registered the company with the SECP and gave Ambreen IP advice to register her trademarks. 

“Ammara Farooq Malik and her team have worked relentlessly to start my business venture’ Ambreen Paul Hamza (SMC) Ltd. From setting up my website to making my business and financial plan to the incubation sessions, they did their work immaculately. Three cheers for Ammara and her team. Above all I found her a genuinely good human being. I recommend everyone to have their business setup by Ammara; Seplaa Hub/ AFMalik Law.’- 

Ambreen Paul Hamza, 

Seplaa Enterprises’ Client September 2020-June 2022.


Digitizing Seplaa

ICx Seplaa, the first social entrepreneurship for peacebuilding incubator in Pakisan, was created with online development support in peacebuilding from the Center of Global Affairs, NYU (New York University, USA) in 2013. SEPLAA Foundation had already been working on projects that were partnered with CGA NYU since March 2011 including peacebuilding and capacity building workshops through interactive sessions via Skype. In 2014, ICx Seplaa Incubator launched it’s projects in Lahore and later in Bahawalpur and online in South Punjab.  In South Punjab the project was piloted under Umeed Jawan (Creative Associates International/OTI/ USAID) and reached across to over 2,300 youth, with 50% women, with the aim to build peace through social enterprise development. In April 2015, ICx Seplaa was separated from the SEPLAA Foundation to ensure sustainability and ran as the incubator and trainings platform of the Seplaa Enterprises.