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Democracy & Governance

SEPLAA has been working towards the active participation of women and youth, as citizens, in politics and civic life. In promoting the protection of the human rights of all citizens particularly children, youth and women, SEPLAA has strove to widely discuss, safeguard and promote the values of democratic systems.

SEPLAA has held several small and large events to highlight and promotion democratic principles.

The  3rd Annual SEPLAA Talent of Pakistan Awards, Exhibition & Conference was held with the theme ‘Promoting corporate social responsibility and good governance for social uplift’, in March 2013. The event was attended by representatives of the civil society, business community, development sector and youth. Mr. Jeffery Bakken, Acting US Counsel General and Provincial Director USAID was the chief guest.

SEPLAA Conference

Participatory inclusion of women at the work place and women in all spheres of life, is another area that SEPLAA is keenly working in. The SEW-EGPA Women Empowerment Program and the SEW-EGAP Women Empowerment Council have been created with the vision to promote democracy and the participation of women in various fields.


SEW-EGAP The Nation


















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