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Earth Day 2020 & Covid-19

Lahore-To mark the 50th anniversary of the Earth Day 2020 and to create more jobs for daily wagers in these difficult Covid-19 days, the Seplaa Hub is taking responsible climate action in a special celebration.

The Seplaa Hub formally announced the launch of Phase 2 of the construction of the Seplaa Hub Centre, a green co-working space and community hub in DHA Lahore today. This is Seplaa Hub’s second green building being constructed in Lahore.

Speaking on the occasion, Seplaa Hub Managing Director Ammara Farooq Malik said that the new Seplaa Hub building is ‘planned to be a model green building, energy efficient with zero carbon emission, with a small rainwater harvesting mechanism to save water, with zero dependence on paper and will be accessible for persons with disability.’

The building has been designed and will be constructed by Didot Global (Engineers, Technical Experts & Sustainable Developers in it’s second phase after Eid.

The Seplaa Hub Centre will be based on a social enterprise model and will be an empowerment centre of learning for children, youth and women and a unique co working space integrated with Seplaa Hub’s online groups, partner websites and social media presence.

Senior management expert and engineer Mr. Amjad Awais, Director Didot Global added that, ‘Building small physical structures which are green and sustainable, integrated with digital outreach is the future of work that Seplaa Hub has been promoting since the past few years.’

Seplaa Hub Director Zahra Wyne, announced that the construction of the Seplaa Hub has been financed by the Seplaa Hub and AFMalik Law. ‘However to make it a truly community space, this Ramdan, we are requesting support so that we are able to create jobs, make a difference to our environment and sustain activities. Any business or individual can contribute in the Seplaa Hub center by ‘buying a brick’ or supporting the Seplaa Hub programs.’

For this year’s Earth Day, Seplaa Hub’s message is to strike a balance for climate action: Stay safe and contribute in economic progress in a sustainable manner.

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