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History of ICx Seplaa

History of ICx Seplaa

ICx Seplaa was created with development support in peacebuilding from the Center of Global Affairs, NYU (New York University, USA). SEPLAA Foundation had already been working on projects that were partnered with CGA NYU since March 2011 including peacebuilding and capacity building workshops through interactive sessions via Skype.

In 2014, ICx SEPLAA launched it’s projects in Lahore and later in Bahawalpur.  In South Punjab the project was piloted under Umeed Jawan (Creative Associates International) and reached across to over 2,300 youth, with 50% women, with the aim to build peace through social enterprise development.

In April 2015, ICx Seplaa was separated from the SEPLAA Foundation to ensure sustainability and ran as the incubator and trainings platform of the Seplaa Enterprises. From January 2018, ICx Seplaa became ICx Seplaa International with programs being developed in Pakistan, Turkey, Middle East and South Asia.

ICx Seplaa went digital in 2017

Seplaa Enterprises entered into an MoU with Kinnaird College in 2017 after which ICx Seplaa International started it’s trainings in Kinnaird College in October 2017. We soon realized that with Kinnaird’s hectic schedule, it was difficult for a lot of girls to join. We then improvised and offered to teach the same courses (Social Enterprise Development Training and Job Readiness Training) online.

With the Kinnaird administration giving us the go ahead to conduct the first ever online courses in partnership with Kinnaird College, we made history at Kinnaird and Lahore!

This meant a lot more work at ICx Seplaa’s side because we now had to build our online resources. But this also meant that we are now not just be restricted to Kinnaird and Lahore, but can venture out into KP, South Punjab and Gilgit Baltistan online as well.

The first online courses at Kinnaird took ICx Seplaa International into the digital space in real time!

Since 2018, Seplaa Enterprises started hosting the ICx Seplaa International trainings online through its different portals. 

In 2018, ICx Seplaa International representatives Mrs. Ammara Malik, Ms. Zahra Wyne and Amal Malik, visited the Okan University, Altinbas University, Hollings Center for International Dialogue and the Impact Hub, in Istanbul for partnership meetings and speaking sessions to elaborate upon the position of social entrepreneurship as impact entrepreneurship opportunities in Pakistan.

This was followed by the one year Pakistan Turkey Impact Entrepreneurship Program held at the Seplaa Hub where more than 150 professionals were trained.

We are thrilled to be venturing into a new exciting phase of learning, networking and growth online and at the Seplaa Enterprises from 2023 onwards!

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