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2nd Executive Business Training for OBS Concludes

Seplaa Hub Incubator, OBS Incubation Session 2

Lahore- Seplaa Hub Incubator always works with seasoned professionals who are ready to embark on their new entrepreneurial journeys or create growth trajectories in Pakistan and other countries.

The recent launch of the Seplaa Hub Incubator’s Executive Incubation Cohort with Obtimus Biztech Solutions (OBS) is a testament to the above.

We have now covered the following Executive Trainings with Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik:

    • Executive Training on Market Identification for Growth
    • Executive Training on Business Innovation & Technology
    • Executive Training on Team Building & Regional Networking.
Seplaa Hub Incubator

To learn more about how you can join one of our Customized Executive Trainings, please write to us at or


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Seplaa Hub Incubator, OBS Incubation Session 2