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Lawyers & Social Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Asia & Middle East (Law SEFAME)

Since 2016, Seplaa has been building the international platform for social entrepreneurs and international thought leaders promoting peace that resonates with the philosophy and spirit of Seplaa Hub.

The Seplaa Social Entrepreneurs’ Forum of Asia & Middle East was therefore launched in 2016 and partner events have since been held in Maldives, Nepal, Turkey, Philippines, Singapore and Gilgit Baltistan.

From 2020, with the new component of Law having been introduced at the Seplaa Hub, our international platform has also grown to encompass the legal field and practitioners worldwide who are keen to create a social impact through law.

Law SEFAME (Lawyers & Social Entrepreneurs Forum of Asia & Middle East) will be formally launched in Pakistan in 2021.

For membership details, please email us at