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‘Improving lives, one idea at a time’

Seplaa’s work highlighted in a Special Report in The News on Sunday (November, 2019):

“Ammara Farooq Malik, author of the book Building Bridges Through Social Enterprises: Opinions and Anecdotes on Development, Law and Economics of Social Enterprises in Pakistan, is a known social entrepreneur. She says one of the most important questions for a social entrepreneur stems from ‘why’ a person responds and behaves the way he does. In Pakistan, she says, terrorism, peace-building and a struggling economy went hand in hand throughout the early 2000s. This, she says, has created opportunities for the social worker, the entrepreneur and the peace-builder to create ideas that might sustain economically and generate a social impact.

Organisations and businesses such as SEPLAA Foundation, Seplaa Hub, Akhuwat, Sewegap Women Hub, Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club, Gharpar and Peace Niche have played a vital role in creating sustainable social impact in areas as diverse as women empowerment, climate change resilience, micro finance, social enterprise incubation and peace-building.

Malik cites the example of Seplaa Young Leaders’ Club International. For every student that pays for a workshop at the club, two to five underprivileged children participate in the same workshop or activity for free. The activities are based on critical thinking, art, climate change awareness and resilience measures.”


Senior Journalist