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Meet the Professional Team behind OBS!


We are super excited to announce the completion of the 4 Months’ Business Incubation cohort of Optimus Biztech Solutions!. This May-August 2023 cohort included intense global business incubation sessions, executive trainings, trainings on impact entrepreneurship , website development, deep dive incubation sessions , the final round up of the business and financial proposal followed by the professional networking on the Pitch Day

OBS is now geared towards taking their innovative business outsourcing services of accounting/ book keeping and strategic communication to the next level by providing a game changing tech enabled tool to women led businesses and start-ups in Canada.

The Canadian market research was provided by Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik and her team at Seplaa Canada and the team is now ready to launch their next phase of development in Canada!

OBS at Seplaa Hub Incubator

Hear what the team had to say about their incubation experience

Irfana Yasser, OBS

Feedback on Dr. Ammara Malik’s Executive Training:

A thorough professional with a great knowledge of Incubation trainings.”

Mr. Zafar Munshi- Director Marketing, Co-Founder, Optimus Biztech Solutions.

These sessions were highly valuable in providing insights into the Canadian market. They offered a clear understanding of the types of businesses that thrive in Canada and why the country places a strong emphasis on impact-driven enterprises.

Furthermore, these sessions aided in comprehending effective business communication strategies and identifying the tools that can enhance our communication efforts.

Overall, these sessions were an essential foundation for our entry into the Canadian market, equipping us with a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities and challenges ahead”.

Ms. Irfana Yasser- Director Communications & Impact,Co-Founder-Optimus Biztech Solutions 



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OBS at Seplaa Hub Incubator