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Incubation of Optimus Biztech Solutions Kick starts

OBS Incubation at Seplaa Hub Incubator

We are excited to welcome Optimus Biztech Solutions (OBS) at the start of their 4 months’ incubation program at the Seplaa Hub Incubator of Seplaa Enterprises Pakistan. 

The startup is positioned to create impact through providing book keeping and strategic communications services to impact businesses and women led businesses in Pakistan and beyond.

The first session of the incubation was an introduction over zoom and was attended by the co-founders Mr. Jawad Amjad, Mr. Abdullah Farooq, Mr. Irfana Yasser, Mr. Zafar Munshi and Mr. Jawad Afzal. 

The session Director was Seplaa Enterprises CEO, Dr. Ammara Farooq Malik, a seasoned business and legal expert with over 24 years of experience. 

More about this exciting business development in the next few posts!

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OBS Incubation at Seplaa Hub Incubator