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Our Services

Seplaa has more than 19 years of industry experience in the impact entrepreneurship domain.

Let us help you to launch, grow and expand your business! 

Reach out to us for your business needs:

  1. Developing and adapting existing Business Models based on Environment, Sustainability & Governance (ESG) and Business & Human Rights metrics.
  2. Business Plan development
  3. Business Plan Canvas development
  4. Product Financial Forecasting
  5. Impact Business Incubation services
  6. MVP development.
  7. Corporate Legal and Tax Advice
  8. Business Immigration Law Services                                                                

The Seplaa Hub 100 Services: 

1. Corporate Legal Advice & Legal representation though our Consultants and Partners.

2. Financial Advice & Services through our Partners.

3. Marketing & PR Advice & Services through our Partners.

4. IT Solutions through our Partners.

5. Learning Programs & Workshops through our inhouse team and Partners:

6. Co-Working Spaces: An opportunity for different professionals to work from a single environmentally friendly office space, designed to meet all the needs of a 9-5 desk job.

Corporate Spaces & Event Management: For small to medium sized events, which include refreshments, event management and marketing of event on social media.

7. Business Incubation Services : Providing corporate law, business solutions and local as well as international support through mentorship to our incubatees and clients.

8. Professional networks support through our Partner networks.

For a complete list of our 100 services, please email us at